Successful debate in Parliament on Poles in the UK

18 Kwiecień

A debate on the role of Poles in the UK, held at the House of Commons, gave the Polish community a voice, organisers say.


Video from the first BPLA event - finally up!

17 Kwiecień

Please see the video from our very first event. There is more to come!


The pre-election debate on Poles in the United Kingdom

14 Marzec

In the run-up to the General Election there appears to be a growing consensus on restricting the rights of EU citizens in a number of aspects. This potentially impacts the Polish Community in the United Kingdom to a great extent. 


Poland: investment friend or foe?

04 Marzec

Katarzyna Gladysz, an English lawyer with a Polish background and member of the newly established British Polish Law Association, provides a snapshot of the investment climate in Poland right now.


First BPLA event in Warsaw - Report

03 Październik

On Thursday, the 31st of July, an inauguration of the British Polish Law Association (BPLA) in Warsaw took place in the headquarters of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce. Although the organisation has already introduced itself to the legal community in London during its event hosted in one of London’s top law firms, for the Poland-based lawyers and law students it was the first opportunity to hear about BPLA’s aims and activities as well as to meet its founders and supporters in person.


British-Polish Legal Relations - 25 years ago, today and tomorrow

14 Lipiec

We cordially invite you to the second meeting of the British-Polish Law Association - our inaugural meeting in Warsaw, which is co-organised by the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce. The theme of this meeting is “British-Polish Legal Relations - 25 years ago, today and tomorrow.

więcej o założeniu British Polish Law Association

14 Lipiec

Prawnicy polskiego pochodzenia, zatrudnieni w największych i najlepszych kancelariach prawnicznych w Londynie, zebrali się wczoraj w jednym miejscu, aby porozmawiać o nowym projekcie - British Polish Law Association.